a partir de cero

Hey there, friends!

So, I have something for you all. My dear brother bear, my first Kendall Friendall, my day-after-birthday-bro, mister Bryan D. Smith went and graduated this weekend! He also is super tight and being the amazing artist and art enthusiast that he is, he decided to film dorky Miss Peregrine for one of his final projects.

Bryan is one of the most talented dudes I’ve ever met, and having known him for roughly seven years, I can honestly say that this made my black little heart grow three or so sizes. If you have any interest, here is the video. I, as always, am a dork to the maximum capacity, but Bryan did good job of cutting like four hours of nonsense conversation with a crazy girl into a 3 minute video. Thanks Bryan! You rule.

You can check out Bryan’s blog by clicking his name up top, or feel free to peruse my “Awesome Friends!” section and find him your damn self.


Friday night, May 10, I was a part of the Featured Creatures show at the Ice Cream Gallery (117 S. Division) – the show went amazingly well and it looked beautiful! Many thanks to Anthony Carpenter, curator and fellow artist extraordinaire, and Ronnie at the Ice Cream Gallery! The show will be up through June 1st, so if you missed it and want to go buy up the remainder of my pieces you’ll still have your chance 😉


here are the pieces I have up, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go check it out in real life:

doublefeature1 doublefeature2

“Double Feature”
mixed media diptych
3.5×5″ 3.5×5″
*The Rocky Horror Picture Show*


“Me x Three”
mixed media


“One, Two…”
mixed media
*A Nightmare On Elm Street*


“Wanna Play?”
mixed media
*Child’s Play*


“We All Float”
mixed media
Aside from that, I’ve been learning to mosaic and sew. So, there, and working my totally irrelevant job, goes all of my time. Keep an eye out for Scott and my going away show, Death Magic – June 29. 1111 Godfrey.  Thank you and good night.

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