three, six (six six), nine

Oh hey there, friends!
I’ve been busy bees, but I’m still a loser (and don’t own a scanner). To make up for this, I am posting things I finally took (or found) pictures of. Boo yah.


This, for example, is long gone – a product of needing something for a White Elephant party last December. It’s okay.


and this little gilded gem still sits in my apartment. Any takers? The photo is crooked. As you can tell, I’m really good at photographing my own work. Or anyone’s, for that matter.

Then there are these little monsters



Anyway, two of those three are still lingering about without long-term homes. Email me if you’re interested. Both are oil, 2011, from the “Silent Stair” show.

More things coming soon!



Categories: paintings, shows

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