Thievery Corporation

Hey friendalls!

So, cat’s out of the bag! This design is for a contest that Thievery Corporation is having for their Summer 2012 merchandise designs. If anyone happens to want to support me and my ongoing lunacy, here’s the link to where you can vote. DON’T FORGET. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2012. The contest is judged by popular vote, so anything helps.

EDIT: The contest goes until FEBRUARY 21, 2012, so if you happen upon this in the mean time, PLEASE GO VOTE FOR ME. 🙂 thanks! I love you long time.

And here’s the image.



In addition to this turtle madness, I also finally have the scans from Traverse City. I don’t have all of the other artists’ pages, but I will eventually get everything figured out – to be honest, I haven’t even seen anyone else’s pages! Shame.






So, that’s it for today! I hope the rest of your evening is lovely. Don’t forget to vote for me on Wednesday, should I tug at your heart strings in just the tiniest of ways. ❤

xoxo most on toast,

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