don’t play no game that I can’t win

Friends! I have returned!

I successfully helped my sister move to Boulder, Colorado, and I now am back in the ol’ Grundle Rumpids kickin’ it E and working on improving my life. I painted my kitchen yellow! And I even got some stuff from the Silent Stair scanned in. Ready? Set! Go!
Some of my paintings are missing, as there was a misunderstanding and they were sold before I got a chance to scan/photograph them. SUPPOSEDLY images exist somewhere on this green earth, so if I ever uncover them I will post them – until then, here are what remain – all but one of these are still for sale, contact me if you’re interested.



There are some more coming that don’t fit in a scanner bed, so those require me to set up a photo shoot. It’ll happen, but not right now – more pertinent things are afoot. HOWEVER, here’s an oil study I did of some amateur pornography:

I hope this makes up for my two months of neglect! (It doesn’t, I know.)


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