… and I feel fine.

hey everyone!

I realize it’s been about a month (cough) since my last update, but here’s the sitch: I’m waiting for some digital files of the pieces from the show, and I am without scanner until mid-January. That means, unfortunately, that my posts will be boring or non-existent until then, but more good things are coming, and SOON! I’ve been working on comics and some shizz. Anyway, just wanted to say that I miss you. Here’s a drawing Scott Wygmans did for me for Christmas to tide you over, because he’s tight and you should look at the stuff his hands make. Also, it’s of my ween man, so you should pretty much just love it because he’s adorable.

Weinercore, Scott Wygmans 2011

So, what’s your resolution?

This is basically mine. Enjoy!

Feliz año nuevo! xoxo

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