Hello there! If you happen to be in the greater Grundle Rumpids area tomorrow and have nothing better to do, or you’ve thought to yourself, “I wonder how I can disgrace my walls and bring shame upon my family name,” you’re in luck! I will be selling some prints and packs of stickers at my dear friend Tony Campos‘ fabulous event!

Saturday, August 27 · 10:00am – 11:30pm
Zee Troubadour Four
638 Kellogg St. SE
Grand Rapids, MI
More Info
this, THIS! Is an all inclusive, never exclusive, get down with the clown happening.

What will be taking place on S A T U R D A Y August 27th, 2011 is an ALL-AMERICAN C.R.E.A.M. DREAM, featuring a Rummage SALE, SALE, SALE, for all of your hoarding needs.

A spectacular ART SHOW, FART SHOW, featuring hella good, soon to be outrageous famous artists.

AND, if, IF! That wasn’t enough to satisfy all of your savvy show stopper needs, there will be live music throughout the day by local performing artists.


You want to SELL(stuff/artwork), PERFORM(music/other acts), and/or CREATE(artwork/goods)? Well, well, well my friend OF COURSE YOU CAN! Simply get a hold of me, that’s T O N Y * C A M P O S.

You can do this by sheMAILING me at or contact me sony vio style on my fAcespAce.

see you there! or see you in hell! whichever comes first.

LOL(lots of love)
-Tony Campos

Hope to see you there!

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  1. tell tony “great!!!!”……PJ and Lea are still at the lake….I came home this morning…..big lar

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