Darn this counterculture, it’s got me all bugaboo!

heeeeey brother(s and sisters),

FINALLY. I HAVE SCANNED THINGS. I realize this has been a long time coming, and that a lot of my work remains unseen due to its being unfinished or not being on file yet. I have been super SUPER busy lately, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten. You may have heard already if you’re up on awesome things and already creep on my awesome friend Rebecca Green, but we have a show together at the end of October at the Green Lion Gallery. They’ve got a bunch of other sweet stuff going on, too, so don’t forget to mark your calendars! We don’t have anything like, worked out 100%, but it’s gonna be dope so y’all better show up! Moving along…

First thing’s first, here’s my most recent SEQUENTIAL ADVENTURE:




This hasn’t been Photoshopped like, at all, except to change the size so I could upload it properly. I will erase all of my mess before I print this “booklet,” though. Truth be told, I almost kicked the shit out of Kendall’s scanner, because it kept cutting off parts of my pages. FINALLY I found one that wasn’t broken, and it turned out rather nicely. I’m pleased. Btdubs, I’m working on printing an 8.5×11 version of my REAL ASS SKETCHBOOK. I don’t know what printing costs are gonna be yet, but if anyone is interested, hit me up. I’ll keep you all informed on the matter, but it’ll definitely be a good way to get a nice peek at my madness. I’m including everything except for some minor shit (I’m editing out, like phone numbers I wrote down and, like, confirmation numbers, etc. Basically what I’m saying is, any personal information will be protected, but every other scumbag utterance and drawing will make its debut).

ALSO! Remember this? I finished it a while ago, but hung it up and forgot to scan it. I’ve been working on the oil version of the portrait of Scott for a little while now, hopefully that’ll be done within like, a week or so.

Kenneth Parcell

K, bye!

Categories: comics, drawings, paintings

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  1. i noticed ther was only one comment on this – and needed to jus say how much that comic fuckin rulz and is hilarious. the fat bike rider dude is so funny. he looks like a choad

    PERRY KILLIN IT ’98 (slayin it so hard it takin us back in time)

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