Shake It!

It’s all done!

page one

page two

page three

page four

page five

page six

page seven

I hope you all like it! Tell me what you think! Once I get a few more short things done I’m going to print a little book. Keep an eye out, eh!


Categories: comics, drawings, paintings

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  1. Love it. So nice to see it done and all in a row, all colored. ::sniff:: It’s like a little baby I watched grow up into a rainbow colored saggy titty havin’ dance monster. Brings a funky tear to my eye.

  2. Um. Perigrine? This little gem of genius just made my night. Thanks for the heavy lifting, you’ve created something (yet again) equal parts beautiful and mad.

  3. That thing’s rosy pink vagina lips are disgustingly awesome. Thanks for making it anatomically correct.

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