Oh, word(s)?

Aqui estoy en Ibagué, si todavía no se han dado cuenta!
el otro día cuando no tuvimos nada para hacer (más que trabajar en mis páginas) dibujé este corazón en el brazo de mi amigo, Richard. Se lo quitó como 20 minutos después, pero fue chévere mientras lo tuvo haha.

tatuaje trucho

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Corazón en el brazo de Richard

[translation: Here I am in Ibagué, if you still haven’t figured it out!
the other day when we didn’t have anything to do (other than work on my comic pages) I drew this heart on my friend Richard’s arm. He took it off like 20 minutes later, but it was cool while it lasted haha.]

PS, it’s the birthday of two very dear friends of mine, Alisha Autio and Jon Bloom. I love you two ❤ and I will be calling you today, so heads up!

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  1. I was just translating your post into spanglish in my head and then I got to the bottom and saw it was all spelled out. faceslap.

    That heart is killer and should certainly be redrawn on his arm with a tattoo gun.

  2. hehe
    yes, it was sort of a trick, the Spanish. oops. soooorry, feller.
    I’m glad you like it though 🙂 the heart, I mean.
    he wants me to draw him something for realzies but. we know how that goes.

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