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el rechazo

11 May

Hey there, friends! Good news!

I’m going to be representing American Dirtbag Comics, alongside the very talented Scott Wygmans, at the Motor City Comic Con this year – May 18, 19, and 20. Books, stickers, etc.!

Suburban Collection Showplace
46100 Grand River Ave.
Novi, MI 48374

ALSO, once this comic is done and the first edition is published, I’m going to start another project – a more coffee table style book of nudes. Here’s a teaser:


The downside: printing books is fucking expensive. I’m trying to figure out the cheapest yet highest quality way to go about this, so, we shall see. I have a low opinion of Kickstarter and the like, so I’m reluctant to go that route, but if it’s necessary I might try it. Or I’ll go mad printing them one by one! Or if anyone knows of printers that do good work for not an insane amount of money – get a hold of me.

That’s all for now! Peace and love! More updates after the con!



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